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What’s your Ethos?
The tricks are the tools I use to entertain!  I describe myself as an “Entertainer and Magician”.  My role is to entertain, the fact that you have the WOW factor of some amazing magic is the icing on the cake!

The common factor in all my photos, by no coincidence,  is everyone laughing and smiling.  I relate to my audiences in this way!   If you want a dark and mysterious magician with those David Blaine intense stares you are in the wrong place…If you want shared fun, laughter and surprise…get in touch.   

What tricks do you do?
Flipping “Amazing” ones…you will just have to wait and see!  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!    

Magic and a magician has to be fun to watch and be part of.  Over the years I have combined many ideas, tricks and routines that suit my style of entertaining. Tricks that are unique and build surprise upon surprise…Just when you thought it was over I add another surprise and then a kicker finish!

Is it all card Magic? 
As you might expect, I do use cards with my magic but it’s by no means all card magic.  I have a wide variety of magic and vary the tricks and items I use depending on the situation and audience.   

What tricks don’t you do? 
I don’t do anything which I consider crude or inappropriate or anything that will fool people in a way that will make them feel stupid. 
I also don’t do anything that is derogatory or that makes fun out of people. 
Plus, I don’t do dated tricks using spongy balls or silky hankies! 

What makes you different to other magicians?
I am a perfectionist, I notice those extra bits and put in that extra work until I am 100% satisfied.  Whether it’s personalising the magic, an immaculate appearance or putting in that extra time to get the job done.  I take care to make sure everything is above and beyond perfect. 

Whats your daytime job?
This is it!  I am a professional entertainer!  So you know you are booking someone who is experienced, polished in performance and cares about their reputation. 


How many weddings do you do per year?  
I aim to do about 30 weddings a year.  Which might not be as many as  you might expect or as many as some other magicians.  

I believe that weddings are very personal events and I prefer to be able to focus on every one before and during the day itself.  In addition to this,  I  do not “cram my diary” with several different weddings per day.   That means,  when you book me, you have complete exclusivity for that date, so if things do overrun I won’t need to “disappear” to get to another gig.  It also means that I can give you 100% of my attention on your special day.  

It also leaves space in my diary for plenty of variation in my work, so you know that when I am booked for your wedding I am fresh and keen to celebrate your day with you.

Of course the down side of this is that I can’t boast of 100’s of weddings per year and 10000’s of reviews but the ones I am booked for I can guarantee will be AMAZING!  

Can we book you just for after the breakfast and before the evening?   The “lull” (turnaround) part  of the day.
No, I am sorry I prefer not to work just this time of your day.  (I know some magicians do!) Of course I could say yes and take the gig,  but from my experience of countless weddings it would be wasting your money and wrong to take it! 
(However,  there is a solution, so let me explain…..)

A wedding can be quite a full on day!  Your daytime guests have just had a long meal and a few drinks and most likely want to  just grab a quick recharge breather.  So the guests that are chilling are best left to do that and those that have still enough energy will use it to entertain themselves! (usually the children or grooms men…often one and the same!)

The ideal solution is to firstly have entertainment during  earlier in the day, the drinks reception and the meal.  This creates the tone of the day and a fun atmosphere.  Your guests  are on a high and loving the day.  Let them take a short breather and recharge for a short time. Then as the evening guests arrive the daytime guests will start telling everyone with enthusiasm about the rest of the day.   When the time is right  I can then meet and greet the evening guests so they get to see what everyone is talking about starting the evening off perfectly. 

So in summary, you stay in control of the day.  I create a fun atmosphere, drop the tempo for a short period of time and then pick it up again and set the tone for the rest of the evening.  

This is my full day and evening package and covers every moment of the day and gives you fantastic value for money.  

Do you have set packages for weddings?
Yes, I do have 3 packages to help you choose.  Drop me a message for more information.  Although every wedding is different and these are put together to help you plan  I can adjust anything I do to fit your plans and your budget.  

Do you do offer a  EMCEE package to help introduce speeches and do the job of “Master of  Ceremonies”?
If you would like me to introduce the speeches and other key parts of the day,  with lots of energy and fun, then that is something that I can do (usually at no extra cost).  Although I do not offer a package where I try to be both Magician and MC.  

I have hosted many events, I commentate for national sporting (British Canoeing) events and as lookalikes we specialise in hosting awards.  So getting the best out of an audience and keeping things running throughout the day is very second nature for me.

Being an MC or toast master requires that person to be on hand instantly, they should be keeping an eye on the room constantly, working with the venue and venue manager and be ready to jump into action when ever needed.  I believe that if I am trying to  focus on both entertaining your guests and trying to be a Master of Ceremonies  then it  becomes difficult to do either job with the 110% commitment  that I would be satisfied with. 

Chat with your venue and see what options they offer and drop me a message and I can chat through how I deal with this scenario. I can also offer other recommendations and ideas.


What are your prices…I cant find them on your website.
If you are looking for a quote then please just drop me  a message with all the details of your event.   I work at wide variety of events and also with different types of clients and event companies which means not only will my costs will vary on each event but I also have to consider the agreements that they might have with their end clients.    

How can I book you?
Thats easy!  Just drop me an email, message or just call.  Tell me all about your event and we can chat through what will fit perfectly.  I can hold the date.  Once everything is agreed I can then send you a link to my online booking form. 


Why are you not on Britains Got Talent?
Because I’m not a “desperate” professional!  In seriousness…I have been involved in the show including the live finals.   I also know several colleagues that have been through every stage of Britain’s Got Talent.  So I am well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of auditioning for this type of show and on balance,  for me personally it’s not a direction I want to take my career…at the moment! 

So have you been on TV?
I have been involved in numerous TV and film productions and also featured as a main artist on a TV commercial, a TV series (Lookalikes – Channel 4) and numerous other productions.  So you may have already seen me on TV!   

What other entertaining experience do you have?
As well as being a magician you might find me performing as a Lookalike (The Office Lookalikes), compere, stand up comedian and also juggling and unicycling.   This means I can fill a range of different roles which has lead to an exciting and varied career!!

Can you make my wife disappear? 
I’ll ask her…considering that question she might be more keen for her husband to be locked up in a dark box somewhere instead!  



Tell me  all about your occasion and we can get the ball rolling…


Let me know your date then I can check my availability and put a hold on that day.  


Once we have had a chat and if you would like to confirm I will sent you a link to a booking form.  


I work on confirm by contract basis.
No deposit required.
No mess!
No Fuss!

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