Why the Dog?

Another gig over and I am sitting in the car trying to update my social media,  as every good business should when something amazing happens.    As always I heard got loads of verbal feed back, “wow you ARE Amazing!”  “That is just incredible!”,    “You are simply incredible!”,  “Shut the Front door!” (it wasn’t even cold?..huh!    All this feedback and I have NOTHING to show for it on social media!  

A lovely Cotswolds venue,  a group of 32 very fun American family and friends (thats as much as I can share!).  And also very vocal, but genuine in their responses and reactions.  I was lucky enough to have a “crew/green” room right next door to the dining room. I spent a lot of time enjoying hearing what they “thought” I had done as they chatted all night about it.   After all that is my job to create converstartions!  

The party flies over from the US and has done so every year for the past 35 years. The host was actually telling me that they can’t travel all together because some go off elsewhere after the week but also his jet only seats 13 people.  I though “that must be annoying!!”  

Memorable moment;…I had a lovely volunteer who signed my £10 called “Butch”!  A great American name and so much comedy material “ohh you are Butch”  etc etc.  An english audience would find this  weirdly amusing but here just wouldn’t work!  So I didn’t and my brain just didn’t those jokes privately to myself! (its also not my style of comedy perfomance!)  

So at this point what  I am missing, as I try and post to social media,  is photos, videos hashtags or even a link to the venue!!  

Firstly,  for me pulling out a phone and getting a video or a photo while I am performing  or even getting someone to video never feels right or comfortable.  Getting venue staff to hold a camera, it just doesn’t sit right with me.  My feeling is, it’s my job to entertain without being over imposing.   I know many people just accept cameras these days but there are many that still feel uncomfortable with this.  So for me it’s often a no go, keep it safe option.     My job is to entertain and not to start trying to focus on self promotion, its annoying at this point but thats the gig!  

In addition to this, once again I am in the, not so rare,  situation (for me at least) where the client has asked for photos or social media not to be shared of them or the event, mostly for security reasons etc.  In this case as they are staying for the week I cannot even share the location!  Doh!  So once again I am struggling for a social media posting.   Once again It a picture of my Dog that will make the front page instead!!???????? 

On the plus side I get to make a blog post out of the experience and appreciate and be grateful that I am working at these types of gigs!  May there be many more to come! 

If you are not famous but want to experience what they do…I guess you will just have to book me!!