My first post

So I have decided to add a Blog to my site, to keep things up to date and give the world a little insight into the crazy world of a magician.  If you are brave or determined enough to join me for the journey.   The idea is to have somewhere to put my thoughts down and diarise, for both personal events, work events  and fun happenings.

Also perhaps to give out some handy advice and share some links to other superb suppliers, facebooks pages and other great ideas I stumble across.  I will try and post every week at the least.  Short and sweet sometimes and others I reserve the right to have a good ol’ rant.

I’m gonna learn how to do this Bloggin’ stuff as I go.    So maybe it might take a while.

So when do I start for real?  Well this week we are moving house, all my time has been involved in putting things in boxed and my head if full of loads of ideas for the future.  Initially there may be lots of posts here about decorating and building things!!!  However as soon as the iMac is plugged in the blogs will start in earnest.  For now if you want to find out some things that might be included, have a quick look around my youtube channel.  You will find a good collection of work, fun and family.

’till then!  The Amazing (Magic) Blog is born!