Well we are finally getting from boxes to organised, in-between the chaos have been some really great gigs.  A corporate event for Morgan Sindal at the lovely venue ofCoombe Abbey in coventry.  I even picked up a review on the facebook page! always a bonus.

The  highlight tho over the past week was a lovely wedding in St Albans.  The family had chosen a Barn Converted social club, which was really quite unique.  The family was lovely and also quite large as it was part Irish, the booking was described as multi-cultural!  The Catering was provided by a pig roast buffet!  Simple and effective and the sun shone and the day was amazing.

I was booked as a surprise magician by the father of the bride for his daughter.  When she first met me the bride was visibly stressed and having something she hadn’t planned could have been very awkward.  However, she soon realised how I  fit in and was already by that point getting great feedback from her friends and family who I had already been entertaining while she was having photos.  I simply let her know that I was there to help her enjoy the day let her friends be entertained while she go on with meeting everyone and enjoying her day.  She instantly relaxed which was a real pleasure to see happen.

Sometimes,  having the experience of having been at so many events its really easy to see the bigger picture and help guide things in the right direction.  I think that this was possibly one of those moments.  It just needed a the family to know or hear the words someone say something like “I got this! Its cool!”

So it was not the high expense wedding of a big 4 star hotel, but you wouldn’t know!  However, if you don’t have the hotel you may also miss out on a restaurant manager or Wedding coordinator to help things keep moving along or getting guests to the buffet in order or introducing the speeches!  There are several options to help this.  Maybe hire a toast master, this can be superb but sometimes may feel a bit too official unless you get the right one for the job.  Alternatively there is always the magician who  knows how to use a microphone, the order of the day and how to encourage guests to follow the order of the day and enjoy themselves!

I have seen the day happen so many times when I was asked to fill in these gaps it was a absolute honour to be able to step in and help.  This is also why I ask for all the timings of the day and names of important guests on my booking form.  The just in case  need to be prepared mentality!  You will always see the words on many a website for magicians; “A magician will bring your guest together and fill in the gaps  etc etc”  Yes there are lots of magicians capable of this but personally I take pride in being able to carry that tool kit that is ready for everything.  The tool kit labeled experience!  Being able to see the bigger picture, step in and help with what ever might be needed on the day and most importantly make sure what I do fits in perfectly on the day to make it 100% personal for the Bride and Groom  and professional.