How to Spot a good Wedding Supplier…from a suppliers point of view.

Its still wedding fayre season!  There are of course several aspects to wedding fayres.  Firstly being there to meet Bride and Grooms 2B and listening to their stories.  There are so many different plans and ideas which is what keeps the wedding industry so interesting. 

Awards…yeah I got them!

The other  side of the wedding fayre from the point of view of the supplier is getting to meet other suppliers. (which sometimes mean tasting cakes and ice cream!)  What looks like a room of different suppliers to a bride,  in reality is sometimes a bunch of hard working small business owners having having a day out of the office at their own networking event.  (i.e. having a laugh together away from the family and calling it work!)   In fact I can recall,  one quieter  fayre,  it was like a bunch of school kids misbehaving  and having a laugh, then as soon as a bride entered the room it was like teacher had arrived and we all went back to our best behaviour.   I remember leaving that day with my jaw aching having laughed so much.  I wont tell you which suppliers were there tho!!

I digress, as usual!  This weekend was again a smaller venue with less brides but these fayres are often the ones which have the better quality of suppliers as they are hand picked by the venue.  So Tip #1 for today Don’t ignore the smaller wedding fayres,  because quite often they will contain gold!  

So what makes a good supplier and how do you spot them.   I think before anything you have to remember most suppliers are small businesses so tick box #1 has to be The Person behind the product.  I am going to mention a few suppliers just for example (this is not a paid advert!! 🙂  ) I taste a lot of cake and so being just across the room from  Victoria Brook from Victoria’s Sponge Henley  She was always smiling always chatting but also open  and to me that suggests that is a business I would buy from.  If they are interested in not just their product but also getting to know others and being fun and friendly then you know they will go out their way for you the client.  

Secondly is the product.  So for me I try a lot of cup cakes and samples, i’m not really a big cake fan.  So of course out of politeness I tried a cup cake sample.  Expecting the usually sweet butter icing and a bit of sponge.  Not here!  Wow immediately the difference in product hit home!  (In fact I almost swore!) Victorias sponges totally took me surprise,  actually taste, not over sweet and not dry but actually really Awsome!  Find out her next fayre and try for your self.

So the day is good, cake and coffee flowing and a great backing track (kind of pop swing type music? Stuff that you love to listen to but not cheesy, dunno what that genre is 🙂 !)  

Its filling the quietness of a room perfectly…then suddenly this guy walk past singing into a radio mic. My tiny brain puts the pieces together.  It’s not a prerecorded track it’s actually live.  Like Wot!  or if you prefer or @leeosbornesings 

Let’s break this down….When you are at a wedding fayre as a supplier the worst thing you can often have is a musician or DJ in the room.  They have the ability, if they want, to make sure you know they are there,  they ignore the fact others want to talk, they just fill the room.  It’s not often their fault, it’s just a REALLY hard thing to get right.  Show off their product but without over imposing.  It’s kind of like if I did a trick in the room that makes everyone shout and applaud loudly and using my experience I CAN do that!   It’s easy if you know how, although it also kills the room and everyone stops for a short time.  Gets me noticed and causes a moment however its not my job and its often its not the right thing to do!!  

So just this fact shows me Lee knew his stuff,  how to play to the room perfectly. 

So I got to chat to Lee later on when he wasn’t singing,  turns out he fills rule #1 He’s a great guy, great fun to chat with.  I can also tell he has a lot of experience straight away. (He told me he had been singing for over 20 year!)  but apart from that, he knew his product, ie himself.  He knew what worked for him and what he can use best to do his job well.  Right down to which was his best side when it came to instagram photos!! 🙂    Seriously though if you just try and do the latest Micheal Buble track because it works for them but you are of course not Mr Bubbles then it wont work!!    Experience and learning to be yourself only teaches you that.  

Then there are the extra bits that only a supplier notices!  Appearance, yes Lee looked immaculate and again perfect for his style but there is a reason for this.  It’s not just attention to detail but it’s about caring about that image.  So I noticed Lee didn’t just grab a sandwich at the bar, he took his time to step away from his stand, take off his jacket and then take a break. You don’t  want to see a supplier scoffing next to the stand but also when that tomato does slip out of the butty its not down the front of the suit!! That’s not a metaphor btw!

Also,  I noticed while setting up his stand and equipment (which was GOOD equipment, not just cheap stuff) before and after he found a side room in the venue to change out or into his suit.  To a non supplier this will totally go unnoticed but I believe its important point that many over look!   Sadly I do know many performers that will travel and set up in their performance suits.  If you want to look good you and appropriate for your client then you shouldn’t be sitting in a car travelling for maybe a couple of hours and then setting up in what you are going to then perform in.  It just doesn’t make sense.     Golden rule.  (Even though many at weddings venues a change room isn’t always available but it’s easy enough to change into a fresh shirt and jacket,  even just by the car). 

So there it is,  just a little insight of my thinking what might make a good supplier from a suppliers point of view and also the things I try to think about when it comes to what I do and that why I notice when others take on those values.  In this case Lee Osborne gave a perfect example for me to say here is a guy that is getting it right…in my opinion of course!  I know just from seeing Lee in action I’m am sure he has loads more performer “habits” (speaking from my own experience) that make what he does unique but also a reliable quality product.  

Lee has a great product.  Have a look at his videos and website. 

He is a great guys and friendly in addition to this had the experience to deliver (and most likely deal with the unexpected).  

He has has the awareness to  that attention to detail that makes a professional  truly look and be “professional”.  

If you want to book Lee of course just get in touch and give him a call!! 

Thank you,  Lee for giving me a the material for another rambling blog!!