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Organic Traffic Responsible For 65 Of iOS App Store Downloads
“Zappit”   is a fun and amazing magic app based around a classic comedy bar-code routine.
A hilarious comedy routine or a serious style prediction effect that will have your audience totally amazed.   A mind reading revelation that totally takes your spectators by surprise and will blow their minds.
Tell the spectator to choose a supermarket and choose an item and then a price.  You then show them your earlier prediction,  a barcode for “that” item.  Of course that could be any item, until you hand them your phone and it scans the barcode to reveal that it IS THE barcode at THE chosen price from THE chosen supermarket.

No forces necessary (for many routines). 

You remain in complete control at all times.

Simple to do method.
Can be combined with many other existing routines or surprise addition to other mentalism and mind reading routines.

Perfect for product placement effects.
You can scan anything you want and it doesn’t have to be a barcode,  it will always be reveal the right prediction.

You can even have your website as a QR/Barcode on your business card.  Zappit will reveal your  prediction when it is scanned, any other scanner it will link to your site.
Fully customisable to match your own phone.
Choose a photo for behind the pass code to match your phone.
Choose a screen shot of your phone homepage so it looks like a regular scanning app is being chosen.
Choose your currency. eg: £, $   or €
Choose your title text ( or extra predictions such as playing card etc)
Choose variable prediction text such as supermarket.
Option to allow the spectator do everything unknowingly so you don’t have to touch the phone.
A simple to use app with almost endless possibilities to amaze and have loads of fun!
Organic Traffic Responsible For 65 Of iOS App Store Downloads

About Zappit. 

For years I have performed the classic comedy  bar code  prediction.  Its an awesome comedy routine.  But its always just been a comedy routine.  Then one day someone shouts….let me scan it!  Now almost every time you do that routine some says…”Scan it”.   Its a shame for a great comedy routine to die a death because its no longer got a modern response.  Fortunately now it has!  Welcome to Zappit! 

The rare and beautiful thing about performing Zappit is that it has evolved from a really entertaining comedy routine.  So having fun performing it is so easy,  because everyone is being entertained.  Because you are entertaining and having so much fun and the routine is really simple.  

I wanted to produce something more than just a magic trick.  I wanted to create something that almost a magic utility device and you can carry it with anywhere and use it on its own, as a comedy moment, a serious mentalism routine or just for clowning around and having fun!  

Download it today and have some fun!  

Organic Traffic Responsible For 65 Of iOS App Store Downloads

If you have purchased Zappit...Thank you


To get the password:

–  Go to the Settings page on the app.  
–  Click on   “About Zappit”
–  The password is the 3rd word on this page (all lower case!!)

Click here to get routines and Instructions: